The "Ersti"-Book for freshmen

"Ersti"-Book for "WiWi"-freshmen 


The "Ersti"-Book is, similar to the Abibuch, a great reference book for all WiWi-students who start their studies together with you! It contains a short profile and a photo, so that you have the most important information and contact details about your fellow students collected in one book. In addition, you will find other relevant facts about the student initiatives and some university facilities. The "Ersti"-Book will be published during your first semester (probably in November) and is published in cooperation with our network and alumni-association "WiWi-Netzwerk Tübingen e.V.".


  • Network with your fellow students
  • Introduce yourself briefly
  • Find out who you will be studying with
  • Discover what is offered at the Economics Department

Sign up for the "Ersti"-Book of your class! Be part of it and tell your fellow students about it. Latest deadline for submitting a profile is at the end of the first week of lectures! The registration will be activated here.



Participate in the "Ersti"-Book - it is that easy:

Just take 5 minutes and fill out the form

To the form


What does the "Ersti"-Book cost?

It does not cost anything to register. A printed copy costs 3,00 € (or 1,00 € for members of the WiWi-Networl).

Who may register?

Everybody who wants to participate and who starts his studies in Economics as a major or minor subject may register until October 25th!

The more people participate, the better the "Ersti"-Book becomes.

Who may get the book?

Only those who submitted a profile for the "Ersti"-Book. So do not worry, if somebody does not participate, he will not find out who you are.

When will the next "Ersti"-Book be published?

It will be published during your first semester, probably in November. 

Deadline for the submission of profiles will be announced here!




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