For students

"Ersti-Buch" for freshmen

Are you new at the university? Then sign up for our great "Ersti"-book! In this book you could find interesting information about the students who will be sitting with you in the lecture hall from the first day!

Financial promotion for your project

You have a certain project in mind and you lack the finances for it? As a non-profit association we support students and teaching at the university! Take a look at our funding guidelines and apply for funding!

Career entry

We would like to support you in this important topic and therefore offer you special information and networking events in cooperation with the University of Tübingen!

Yearbook for graduates

Your graduation is imminent? Congratulations! We are publishing a yearbook to commemorate your graduation. Sign up for this and take this great reminder of your fellow graduates into the next stage of your life!

Build a network!

Already during your studies you have the opportunity to work on your network consciously. Network with your fellow students and join our groups on Xing, Linkedin or subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram page.

Mentoring program

"How do I successfully start my professional life? How do I achieve my career goals and, in general, what are my goals?"

Thanks to our mentors, you will not be left alone with theses questions - they will support you in getting started in the business world.

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