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The purpose of the association is to promote teaching and research in economics by providing non-material and financial support to the Department of Economics at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.



Foundation of the association "WiWi-Netzwerk Tübingen e.V."


On Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 3 p.m. the founding meeting of the association "WiWi-Netzwerk Tübingen" took place in the Gebhard-Müller-Saal of the Department of Economics. 22 founding members came together for this event. 

The association sees itself as an alumni and support association for economics at the University of Tübingen. A fundamental goal of the association is the networking between the department, students, alumni, companies and the Friedrich List Foundation. The List Foundation has been promoting and supporting teaching and research at the University of Tübingen for over 55 years.


In the future, alumnie ties to the department should be deepend and the alumni work itself places on an independent, broader and better financed basis. To this end, a broader offering for the alumni of the department will be created beyond the traditional List-Fest. For this purpose, for example, a "Tenth Anniversary Reunion" with the awarding of a "golden diploma" for the alumni is to be established in the now biennial rotation of the List-Fest, also in a biennial rotation. The List-Fest is the central alumni event of the deparrment, which has taken place on the last Friday of June each year since 1979, with a scientific program in the afternoon and an infornal get-together in the evening.


In addition, however, the association should not only be attractive for the target group of alumni, but also provide a broader and more interesting range of offers for students. It is planned to realize a variety of different events together with the student initiatives of the department, e.g. in the areas of career planning an practical contacts. 


Companies represent another target group. They are usually the target of business studies and often form the starting point of business research. Intensifying existing contacts and establishing new ones is therefore one of pur main goals for many reasons. In order to secure a solid and long-term financing of the work of the association, the association plans to won corporate partnerships. Various services need to be made available to these sponsoring companies. Among other things, advertising space in the department journal "WiWi-News", bilateral cooperation opportunities with chairs as well as home page naming are currently under discussion.


Elected to the founing board, which consists of eight people, at the meeting were: Jochen Buchele (alumnus, chairman), Stefan Büttner (doctoral student, depury chairman) as well as for the extended board the alumni representative of the Department of Economics, Professor Dr. Bernd Jahnke, the alumni Holger Wanko and Dr. Achim Kindler, and the students Annegret Brauß, Janika Helms and Maximilian Kittner. Since May 9, 2011, the managing director of the association has been Sven Luithardt, the alumni officer of the Department of Business and Economics.



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